Lee Byre

Walking holidays in Devon, UK

We are an award-winning guest house on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. We offer a premium bed and breakfast escape, as well as a range of unique extra experiences that our guests may choose to enjoy


Walking on Dartmoor


** You don't have to be a guest at Lee Byre to book a guided walk. Please contact Guy on 07969994060 for all enquiries.**

Price: £30 per person, which includes transportation and a packed lunch.

Walking is a big part of our lives at Lee Byre. Whether it's exploring the local hedgerows, foraging for seasonal fruits and herbs, or going for a walk across Dartmoor National Park; there’s a lot to explore and to learn. From Lee Byre, we offer daily guided walks into Dartmoor National Park and the surrounding area. We offer a safe and exciting walking experience for all levels of ability, with the aim of introducing our guests to the region's rich history made famous by Sherlock Holmes and more recently War Horse, which was filmed on Dartmoor. On top of this Dartmoor's prehistoric sites are among the most important in Great Britain and it's flora and fauna are breathtaking. Not forgetting the pubs that are an important part of our local culture. There'll certainly be time to explore these as well (at the end of the walk!). 

For those who want to roam on their own we have plenty ideas to make sure you explore the best the region has to offer. 

Guided Walks

Dartmoor is a beautiful and wild place; through our carefully crafted guided walks you can ensure you won't miss a beat. With a guide you don't have to worry about reading maps or getting lost; you can just focus on enjoying where you are. These walking holidays are designed for beginners, or those who fancy an easy pace and beautiful scenic routes. 

Included in the experience is a hearty packed lunch to keep you going through the day's walk. 

The typical walk will be five to eight miles, across the moors, taking in the very best trails and views that Dartmoor National Park has to offer. Whether it's the Dartmoor ponies and highland cattle, Dartmoor's granite tors or ancient sites such as Grimspound and Grey Wethers, there's plenty to see.

For the Experienced Walker

For more experienced walkers, there is the opportunity to undertake longer expeditions and truly get into the heart of Dartmoor, often described as the last true wilderness in southern England. We are fortunate that wild camping is legal and therefore the opportunity for adventure is all the greater!

We have plenty of ideas and can tailor a trip to your interests and experience level.

Kit List 

For the best experience, there are three key items of kit:

  • A good pair of walking shoes (preferably boots).
  • A set of waterproofs.
  • A day sack ideally with a hydration unit or a water bottle  to carry your kit for the day and your tasty Lee Byre packed lunch.

Drying Facilities
We also have drying facilities in case of wet boots and clothes to make sure you start each day afresh.