A family portrait


Lee Byre has been a family home for over 30 years, lovingly restored from its derelict state by John and Judy (The ´rents) all those years ago. After school Guy left Devon for brighter lights. But into his 30‘s, the pull of Devon (with its lack of lights this time!) and the prospect of starting a family saw Kathrin and Guy move back to Lee Byre to start a new venture together, leaving careers in Human Resources in London and Marketing in Stuttgart, Germany behind.

So here we are, Guy (the cook, the guide and maintenance man), Kathrin (the photographer, yogi and german dictionary) and Maya (the kid and general personality). Together with John (chief engineer and grass-cutter) and Judy (resident artist and beekeeper) we are three generations of random facts, eclectic experience and local knowledge just waiting to be tapped into!! Oh and not forgetting Jessie our Spanador!

As well as continuously honing our BnB skills to offer a unique stay experience in the beautiful Byres we call home, we have gone further; developing a fantastic range of extra experiences that can be enjoyed in this region including guided star treks on Dartmoor by night or a true Devon dining experience that includes locally sourced and inspired evening meals, all freshly cooked onsite, and a roaring fire pit to warm the soul!

From wild swims along Dartmoor’s high rivers, to descending steep steps onto remote beaches along the North Devon and Cornish coast. From wooded mountain bike trails to open cliff top walks, this region has something exhilarating, mindful and fresh for everyday of the week.

We look forward to meeting you!

Guy, Kathrin, Maya, Judy, John and Jessie